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GEM Finance is now available to buy a drone INTEREST FREE!

We are very pleased to announce that we now have the well known GEM Finance options available when purchasing your new Drone!

This means that you can now pay off your drone over 6, 12, or even 24 months – in equal instalments.

Even better GEM Offers Interest free, so if your budget really stretch to spending thousands of dollars in a one-off payment, you can now pay it off over time and not get charged any interest!

If you don’t already have a GEM Account – you can sign up for one HERE. If you do have an account, then as long as you are approved for fiancĂ© by GEM, you can simply choose to pay it off over 6 and right upto 24 months AND HAVE NO INTEREST CHARGED!

How do I purchase a drone from Drone Fishing NZ using GEM?

It’s easy! Simply go through the normal online checkout when buying your drone – and choose the GEM Finance payment option. This then lets you choose what term you would like to pay it off over (upto 24 months) .

if you already have GEM Finance Account and are approved for finance then the purchase of your new drone should be quick and easy. If you don’t have GEM then when you go through checkout and select GEM, you will then be taken to the GEM site to sign up for GEM Finance. Its as easy as that!

2 Responses

  1. Hi Paul, thanks for the question. You need to first setup an account with GEM separately. Once that is done, you can simply go online and purchase a drone using the 24 month interest free option, thanks

  2. What supporting documents do I need to purchase your drone.
    ( for 24months )
    And no interest?

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