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New Aeroo Pro Fishing Drone – first look!

Aeroo Pro Fishing Drone

The Aeroo Pro is a brand new fishing drone model from Aeroo, following their previous successful entry into the market here with the small Aeroo first version a year ago (which happened to make our best 5 drones of 2023) . This year we have been lucky to be part of the early stage testing of this new model fishing drone prior to final deliveries out to kiwi customers so we have actually had it in our hot little hands and been using it. So all of our information below is based on our testing of the Beta version of the product. The new Aeroo Pro is scheduled to start shipping to those who have pre-ordered from us, in early July 2024.

IMG 4214
Aeroo Pro out with a couple of rods

This is our initial impressions of this drone for our followers and customers so you get the information first. Our Deep Dive goes into more detailed features of the product (some are quite surprising and innovative) but that will come later, however here we wanted to give you a snap-shot of the drone and some of the standout features, and as it compares with the previous model and also other fishing drones out there.

The guys at Aeroo reached out to us, to see if we would be interested to work with them on this new model, as they were aware of our knowledge and experience with drone fishing in New Zealand across different brands, and we were happy to provide them with valuable feedback.

Good looking design in striking black

Front main copy

The Aeroo Pro is a good looking drone with its sleek design and Black Colour. It is an upgrade from Aeroo’s previous fishing drone, which was one of the smallest fishing drones on the market. The original Aeroo model being smaller meant that it wasn’t able to carry as much weight as some of the larger drones, and in this case the original Aeroo could take a maximum of 250 grams – enough for really only one bait and sinker. Also with the original Aeroo and it’s small size meant that it wouldn’t handle a lot of wind, which could be a bit of an issue around New Zealand’s windy coastline at times.

So with the new Aeroo Pro, the team have really taken on board feedback and made some big improvements with this new model across all of these areas.

Aeroo Pro Product Review
@Tom Vlogs has been out testing the Aeroo Pro in Northland, NZ

Increased Bait Payload capacity

For starters the new model will carry upto 1KG of payload weight – 4X the increase from the previous model’s lifting capacity. This now makes it a serious contender as a fishing drone, which provides more lift capacity than other similarly priced fishing drones. This means that the fisherman should be able to carry upto 10 baited hooks and a sinker (dependant on sinker weights). Note that we have tested the Aeroo Pro upto this payload weight and we can confirm that it will successfully lift this.

Very good wind resistance

Secondly we have actually seen the new Aeroo Pro flying in upto 21 knots of wind, on a stormy day! For any drone this is a good result and shows that the Aeroo Pro will be able to cope with New Zealand’s coastal weather challenges.

aeroo pro on the beach

Low profile design

The other thing we like about the Aeroo Pro is the low profile of the drone. Gannet along with DJI with their Mavic range did this with their models over the last couple of years and now Aeroo are providing a low profile design also with the Aeroo Pro. This means that it is much more streamlined to be able to fight the wind on a gusty day while in the air as compared with say a DJI Phantom. Secondly when the Aeroo Pro lands the legs are spread wider apart relative the the drone body meaning it is less likely to tip over. Often when a drone comes into land gusts along the beach can quite easily whip under the drone and tip it over (particularly if the landing area is uneven) resulting in possible drone and propeller damage, so the low profile design of the drone reduces the likelihood of this happening, and is a great idea.

If you are wondering about of the size of the Aeroo Pro, it is about the size of the Swellpro SD3 or FD1 drones, and is 480mm x 480mm diagonal propeller to propeller.

Although the Aeroo Pro is not water resistant, Aeroo points out that most people out fishing don’t ever want to land in the water anyway, which is a fair comment. We do notice that on the Aeroo website it does say that the Aeroo Pro is corrosion and weather resistant, which we think is important.

4K Camera with 3-Axis Gimbal provides great photography and videos

The camera on the Aeroo Pro is significantly better than most fishing drones on the market as it boasts a high definition camera along with full mechanical stabilisation built in.

Camera Close Up
Close-up look at the Aeroo Pro’s 3-Axis 4K camera

The Aeroo Pro also comes with a 4K Camera on a 3-Axis gimbal and a Sony Sensor, which means that you are going to get buttery smooth videos in high resolution (4K), which is significantly better than what you get from a fixed angle camera on a drone which is going to give you rough, unstable video. So whether you are wanting to check out the fish activity below the drone and survey the fishing territory or wanting to get stunning aerial video around the ocean, the Aeroo Pro will be able to accomodate you.

Electronic Mechanical Payload release

Screenshot 2024 04 22 at 2.34.35 PM edited
The heavy duty mechanical payload release system on the Aeroo Pro Fishing Drone

The Fishing release system on the Aeroo Pro is an electronically controlled mechanical type with a heavy duty pin built in to the underside of the drone that is activated quickly and efficiently by a button on the remote control, so very much like the Rippton Shark X, or the Splashdrone models, so no surprises there and this system that is reliable and easy to use.

Local New Zealand after sales support

In an important step, Aeroo have setup an experienced local repair service agent for here in New Zealand. The drone service agent will have full parts available to service and look after New Zealand customers. This is very good to hear and one of the reasons why we were happy to take on selling the Aeroo brand ourselves – knowing there is good backup support for us and our customers.

Budget friendly price!

Last of all, the price of the Aeroo Pro is extremely budget friendly – at $1499 it makes it one of the best priced dedicated fishing drones on the market in New Zealand, and given it also has a 4K stabilised Camera there is nothing that comes close with these features for the price.

How do the important features compare to others?

Here are some key advertised specifications and prices of the Aeroo Pro vs. it’s main fishing drone competitors around this price level*

Max PayloadMax RangeMax Flight timeDrone CameraMax Wind ResistancePrice
Aeroo Pro1Kg10 km45 minutesYES, 4K 3-Axis gimbal27 knots / 50 kph$1499
Condor A22600 grams1 km+/- 20 minutesNo20 knots / 37 kph$1599
Mavic Air 3500 grams20 km45 minutesYES, 4K 3-Axis gimbal23 knots / 42 kph$1999
Swellpro FD12Kg1.5 km27 minutesOptional25 knots / 46 kph$2999

*Prices and product information are correct at time of writing and where possible information comes from reported local agent/ manufacturer published details.

For anyone serious about the Aeroo Pro, here is a great unboxing video showing what you get when you receive the drone, take a look:

If you are interested in purchasing the Aeroo Pro from us or want to learn more, CLICK HERE FOR THE AEROO PRO STANDARD KIT which takes you to our Aeroo product page.

We also have a Combo bundle with additional drone battery and multi-charger hub – which is very popular, this can be found here: CLICK HERE FOR THE AEROO PRO COMBO BUNDLE

We are providing great pre order discounts for anyone looking to get into the AEROO Pro (SAVING YOU $100) right up until the end of June 2024. If you do pre-order you will get your Aeroo Pro in early July. Otherwise we will receive general stock for normal orders (without the discount) in late July.

Opening 100 discount deal on the Aeroo Pro 2

In our next review article on the Aeroo Pro we are going to give you a “deep dive” into some of the new and interesting features we have found that the Aeroo Pro has, so stay tuned for that one coming soon!

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