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Top 3 reasons to be the first to get the New SwellPro Fisherman Max in New Zealand!

BREAKING NEWS: Drone Fishing NZ will soon have a small number of the all-new SwellPro Fisherman Max fishing drones, ready to ship to our New Zealand customers during August 2023.

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The Fisherman Max fishing drone is the “Latest & Greatest” from SwellPro – the largest fishing drone manufacturer in the world. SwellPro have years of experience building Salt-Water Resistant Fishing Drones.

The excitement around this incredible new SwellPro fishing drone has been building over the past couple of months across the internet as more information comes to light.

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SwellPro Fisherman Max Features & Benefits

Our top three reasons for you to be the first to get this fantastic fishing drone:

1. Heavy lift fishing drone

The Fisherman Max heavy lift fishing drone is capable of lifting a massive 3.5kg bait payload weight, which is perfect when lifting out a long line rig, or even just a couple of big baits.

2. No Pre-flight Calibration

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A GAME CHANGING feature is that the Fisherman Max DOES NOT require any calibration before flight. This is really big news as most other drones on the market require some kind of calibration, typically on the beach. So this is one less step in the process and the great news is: “No more Drone Dance” (for those of you who know what we are talking about)!

3. Water-resistant 4K Gimbal Camera

The SwellPro Fisherman Max Advanced has an exceptional camera fitted. This water resistant 4K Gimbal Camera allows for recording photos and videos in high resolution onto an SD Card. It comes into its own when searching for new fishing grounds, identifying rocks, sand banks and channels, and simply understanding how far out the surf line extends so you can drop your baits behind it.

Need more reasons?

More information is available on the Fisherman Max product page. A full SwellPro fishing drone review of this extraordinary fishing drone is coming soon…

Swellpro Fisherman Max fishing drone on the beach
The SwellPro Fisherman Max on the beach, showing the vibrant & clear built-in colour screen of the RC

SwellPro Fisherman Max Stocks are Limited

Be one of the first in New Zealand to get your hands on this BEAST and get your order in now! We are accepting pre-orders, but hurry stocks are limited. First come, first served…

Order Your SwellPro Fisherman Max Now!

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  1. Hi Murray thanks for the question. No not currently however the release mechanism does auto drop when there the battery level gets too low or the Fisherman Max is overloaded with payload (above 4kg).

  2. Will the SwellPro Fisherman Max automatically release the line if a bird strikes the line when flying out??

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