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The largest ranges of Fishing Drone accessories in New Zealand!

You may or may not know that here at Drone Fishing NZ we carry a massive range of accessories right across many of the popular fishing drone brands including Swellpro, Rippton, and also Cuta Copter. And Best of all, all stock is warehoused right here in NZ so your order normally ships in a day.

Of course drone batteries are super important so we try to keep in stock a really good range of batteries of all current (and some older models), for instance along with batteries for the popular Swellpro FD1 and Splashdrone 4 (SD4) models, we also have the older and harder to find SPRY Battery in stock. Likewise we have the Cuta Copter Trident 5K Battery, and even remote control batteries for the Splashdrone 3+ so if you are in need of a fishing drone battery, you don’t need to look any further.

The Other really Important Accessory we carry and that is really important to all Drone Fisherman are the propellers for the drones, and we also have a significant range of propellers for many of the models from Rippton including the Shark X, Swellpro Models including the SPRY, The Cuta Copters models and more!

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We not only stock the important accessories, but also carry some of the “harder to find” accessories and parts. For example we have the SD4 Boat Kit – which turns your Splashdrone 4 into a floating Boat! We have the SD4 water collector, which fits on the bottom of your SD4 and allow you to collect water samples. We also have tons of Accessories & Parts for the Cuta Copter and we always try and keep everything instock!

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  1. Hi Jason, we dont have these at the current time, but hopefully we have some in the near future, thanks

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