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What is the difference between the new Swellpro Fishing Drone models?

This year (2023) Swellpro have been busy releasing brand new models onto the New Zealand market, and you wouldn’t be the only one if you are a little confused about the difference in the models, so in the below article we hope to flesh out more information about these new models, and then also a comparison between them. Also the below list we generally start at the cheapest model and go through to the highest priced models.

The Fisherman 1 or FD1

(Entry level fishing drone) – no longer made

The very popular FD1 or Fisherman (which sold for $2299 to $2799) was the cheapest of the Swellpro range on the market, has now come to the end of it’s product life and Swellpro are no longer producing it (so is not included in the below table). We are hearing that technology has moved quite a bit in 2023 and is now being implemented in new Swellpro drones like the FD3 and Fisherman Max.

The Fisherman 3 or FD3

(New model fishing drone)

This model is the newest model (which sells for $3799 to $4499 depending on the model), and in some ways it replaces the FD1 (above) and in other ways it doesn’t. Let me explain, although the FD3 is roughly the same size as the FD1 in most ways there are so many advancements that it’s really a massive step up from the FD1. Here are a list of the advancements:

  • No Calibrations Required
  • Easy Slide-in Drone Battery (for easy replacement on the beach)
  • Brand new All-in-one remote control (which resembles the older SD3+ remote)
  • A significant upgrade in the internal electronics within the drone

The Splashdrone 4 or SD4

(Multi purpose marine & fishing drone)

The Splashdrone 4 or SD4 is the workhorse of the Swellpro range, and popular especially because it can do a range of different things, you can add different cameras to the SD4, and it also is a great fishing drone with 2kg payload lifting power. Some of the cameras you can easily attach to the Splashdrone 4 yourself include: Camera, 2-Axis 4K Low Light Camera, 3-Axis 4K Camera, Thermal Camera. These camera’s can be easily changed to another one very easily. It even has advanced features like Follow the remote control, and circle boat mode – which are epic if you want use your Splashdrone out on the water. To be honest the Splashdrone 4 outshines any other floating & water resistant drone on the market for marine photography and videos. Pricing on the SD4 ranges from $3999 right through to $5349 (depending on what camera option you choose with your SD4)

Fisherman Max

(New model fishing drone with more lifting power)

The Fisherman Max is quickly becoming the most popular fishing drone on the market here in NZ. the Fisherman Max is has the capability to lift some good weight. it will lift upto 3.5KG of payload weight – so even if you don’t intend to lift that much on a regular basis, it means that you have additional redundancy & you can be assured that you are not likely to overload the drone at any time. If you are on the West Coast, and are dealing with strong currents this additional payload capacity can be a real help. Another new feature is the folding carbon fibre arms of the Fisherman Max, which is great because it lets you store the Max in a small case when not in use, or if you have limited space in your vehicle or motorhome.
When folded the Fisherman Max is actually a slightly smaller size than the FD3 or SD4 models!

The Fisherman Max also has no calibrations needed, which is a real bonus and an all-in-one remote control (Colour Screen built-in).

Here is a table to summarise all of main differences:

Swellpro Models 2023Pricing (NZD)Payload Capacity (max)Calibration needed?Folded Size – diagonal (for transport)Saltwater Resistant & Floats?Battery Life (Max)Range (Max)Auto Fish FeatureAudible Remote AlarmsMultiple camera optionsBattery Insertion
Fisherman 3 (FD3)$3799 to $44992kgNo480mmYes27 mins1.5kmYesYesNoSlide-in
Splashdrone 4$3999 to $55992kgYes480mmYes26 mins3kmNoNoYesSlide-in
Fisherman Max$46993.5kgNo480mmYes (with added floats)27 mins1.5kmYesYesNoDrop-in

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