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The most advanced, easy-to-fly, multi-purpose consumer drone.

The Aeroo Pro is more than just a tool for taking pretty pictures. It opens up a new realm of creative and practical applications: Fishing | Delivery | Camera.
Pickup, deliver and drop 1kg payloads at the press of a button, with ultra-heavy lift motors and industrial-strength components. Its 48cm reinforced, weather-resistant frame can fly in harsh 50km/h winds and withstand constant exposure to saltwater environments.

Its 4K, Ultra HD camera paired with its smooth three-axis gimbal, lets you capture vibrant, cinematic video and photos in stunning detail. Plus, up to 6X Digital Zoom for live scouting or cinematic footage.

This Combo Kit comes with one additional Spare Battery & also a 4 battery charging hub.

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Aeroo Pro Logo clear cut website

The Aeroo Pro – a new generation of fishing and photography drone

A Drone with a purpose – built for more than sharp looks, the Aeroo is made to perform

The Aeroo Pro combines the latest in drone technology with the simplest flying experience possible.

aeroo pro on beach angle

We focus on ultra-reliability and super strength, so you don’t have to worry about spending those late nights figuring out how it works, and get straight to the fun!

The Aeroo Pro’s interchangeable AI Flight Battery has its own internal computer and can be used in extreme temperatures (-10°C to 40°C). It optimises power output for each scenario, to give you consistently long flight times up to 45 minutes per battery.


Our industry-leading Wavesync transmission system gives you a crystal clear, 2.7K live video feed to your phone, and up to 10km range.

There are also Intelligent Flight Modes for every application, including payload stability, drop point save, active track/follow and waypoint missions. It is packed with safety features, including a smart automatic return to home, emergency payload release and several vision sensors, so the Aeroo Pro knows exactly where it is and what it’s doing at all times.

Release your fishing bait with the push of a button

Above all, the Aeroo Pro is easy to fly. Take off, fly out, return home and land, all at the press of a single button. Let go of the remote and the drone will hover on the spot, even in high winds. All inside a compact carry case to easily take with you on any adventure, ready to take off at a moment’s notice.

The Aeroo Pro is purpose made for fishing, to help you catch that monster fish.  The results speak for themselves!

IMG 4652 1
New Zealand’s own @Fishingreminder with a nice Trevally taken using his Aeroo Pro

Information about the drone

General Information Payload
Dimensions: 430mm x 340mm x 120mm 1kg Maximum Safe Payload
Aeroo Fly App (available on Android or IOS) High Strength Payload Release Motor
10km Maximum Range (uses Wavesync 1.0) Emergency Payload Release System
Uses GPS & GNSS Satellites Automatic Payload Stability Control
72kph Maximum Speed
Weather and Corrosion Resistant
Battery Camera
Intelligent Lithium Polymer Quality:
Maximum 45 minute flight time (unloaded) 4K 30fps Resolution
4000mAh Capacity 4K 1/2.6” Sony CMOS 12MP F2.2 Sensor
6S, 21.6V Nominal 100mbps Bitrate
Internal Heating System for Safe Operation in Cold Environments
Smart Charging Gimbal:
Automatic Discharge 3-Axis Stabilisation
120 Minute Charge Time Additional Electronic Image Stabilisation
Industrial High Temperature Resistant Cells
*The AI Flight battery uses artificial intelligent learning to optimise power output over time depending on your specific usage requirements.
Flight Modes
Automatic Safety Modes: Smart Flight Modes:
Auto Return Home Follow Me
Auto Takeoff/Landing Active Track
Weight Overload Warning Waypoint and Mission Memory
Detailed Flight Logs Hyperlapse
Cinematic Filming Modes

Aeroo Pro drone open case

What’s in the box

  • Aeroo Pro Aircraft
  • Aeroo Pro Remote Controller
  • Aeroo Pro AI Flight Battery
  • Aeroo Battery Charger
  • Protective Carry Case
  • Spare Propellers (Set of 4)
  • Spare Propeller Screws (Set of 8)
  • Gimbal Protector
  • Type-C USB Charging Cable
  • RC Cable (Lightning & USB-C)
  • Safety Release Clips x3
  • Release Rings x5
  • Payload Attachment Cable
  • Tweezers
  • Screwdriver


Extra In Combo:

  • AI Flight Battery (2 Total)
  • 4 Battery Charging Hub (Replaces Single Charger)







– Please ensure you ONLY use the correct & original charger to charge this battery

– Please NEVER leave your battery unattended while it is charging, as there could be a fire risk.  Do not leave charging overnight.

– Please ensure you charge your battery in an open & well ventilated area that is away from any flammable material.  It is also recommended that you charge & store your battery in a fire-proof bag or container (purchased separately).

– Always make sure you have the correct charging settings for the battery you are charging

– Never use or charge a battery that has become swollen OR has any physical damage. Please dispose of immediately.




**It is recommended that you also read this article on LiPo and LiHV Batteries and their care and maintenance. the link is HERE 

**Also please read the Returns and Warranty Information regarding batteries HERE

Weight 12 kg


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