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Bait elastic (1 roll)

$3.95 incl GST

bait elastic spools, made to keep your bait on the hook longer,

Perfect for drone fishing, and great for soft baits like Squid, Bonito, Pilchard or Cockles & Tua Tuas, when normally these baits come off far to easily.

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This Bait Elastic is used to secure bait to your hook. Shellfish and softer bait, like bonito or pilchards, come off the hook easily; so wrapping your bait with Bait Elastic helps secure it to the hook and make it last longer. Are you an avid surf caster or shore fishermen? Then this is an essential item that you cannot afford not to have.

Bait Elastic Features:

  • Used to secure bait to the hook
  • Qty: 1
Weight 1 kg


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