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The SwellPro TrollSafe for Spry+/Spry is a tension release accessory for your fishing adventures with your drone. The Trollsafe allows you to carry a bait payload. Attached to the drone, and fly the drone out over the ocean to your desired spot.  Use tension to release the bait into the water and then wait for the fish to bite!

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Spry+ Trollsafe is an adjustable tension release device that allows you to safely deliver baits of upto 100gm. Trollsafe can be adjusted to release at tensions between 150 – 220gm.
Quick and easy to install, Trollsafe for Spry+ allows you to ‘cast’ futher than you have done before. With some nimble flight skills you can use the movements of your drone to ‘liven up’ your bait or lure. The 4k camera in Spry+ allows you to view, photograph or film your fishing action.

Package includes

1 x Spry+ Trollsafe device


Note: Drone NOT included








Weight 1 kg



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