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Drone Fishing is an exciting new way to fish that uses drone technology to help you to land that big fish & experience a great day out! Now you can get your baits out to where the fish are, even without a boat.

We are Drone Fishing Experts & we have New Zealand’s largest range of fishing drones, drone accessories and drone fishing gear including Splashdrone, Rippton, Cuta Copter and quality drone fishing traces & tackle. We are based in NZ so your order normally ships within a day! Be part of our growing community of kiwis taking their fishing to the next level with the help of the latest technology & some great local advice.

We provide full New Zealand based after sales support for everything we sell, so you have piece of mind.

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Tips & Reviews
Facetune 04 10 2023 15 00 30

Swellpro Fisherman 3 (FD3) Fishing Drone is coming!

We have had some very good fishing drone models so far this year 2023 & there are more to follow. It seems like there are going to be some great options for Kiwi Beach Fisherman! Following on from the very popular Swellpro Fisherman Max model earlier this year (which is

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We are Kiwi Fishermen ourselves so if you are looking for good unbiased advice, come talk to us - we are happy to help!

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