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SwellPro Splashdrone 4 (SD4) Fisherman with Fishing Release and FAC Camera Refurbished

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The Swellpro Splashdrone SD4  Fishing drone with Mechanical Release and FAC Camera is a great all-round choice for a fishing drone and comes with an HD Camera for recording your fishing trip.

The SD4 has upto 2KG Payload Capacity, water resistant design and upto 30 minutes of flight time PLUS is very easy to use and has some great features like slide-in battery for quick change, and also Smartphone APP Connectivity for advanced features.

This Refurbished unit has been serviced and tuned so that it flies liked a brand new.  It also comes with full product manual, charger, remote control, and in the original case.

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The SplashDrone 4 Fisherman Water Resistant Drone comes with the FAC Fixed Axis HD  Camera and the PL-1 payload release that turns the drone into an aerial bait dropping system that can deliver 2kg of bait and drop the bait at targeted locations up to 3km. Using the SwellPro SDFLY app, you can program the bait drop or replay flights to successful fishing locations.

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All-new IP64 Splash resistant Body
SplashDrone 4 is designed to have very good water resistant technology. The tough, rigid fuselage is made from industrial-grade ABS. Each SplashDrone 4 is factory-sealed to the slightest details and air-pressure tested for Swellpro’s exclusive 100% waterproof guarantee. The waterproof motors and internal electronics are also coated with corrosion-resistant coating adding an extra layer of protection over the already total waterproof design.

All-new IP65 Water resistant Remote Controller
The all-new SplashDrone 4 remote controller is now sand and water resistant for your worry-free operation. The built-in GPS offers a variety of new features, including real-time tracking and dynamic return to pilot. The remote controller is now capable of offering multiple devices connection for a better collaborative operation.

Innovative Smooth+ Flight Control
The patented “Smooth+” flight control allows you to finely tune the Roll and Yaw of SplashDrone 4. Smooth+ makes professional, steady flight control as easy as turning the knobs. Want to take a steady shot? Simply switch to Smooth+ control, together with Swellpro’s 4K 3-axis gimbal, you can take high-quality, ultra-smooth and steady shots effortlessly.

Upto 3KM Image Transmission
The latest 5.8GHz digital image transmitter and adjustable antennas ensures a clear and reliable image and control signal range to the SplashDrone 4 of upto 3km whist airborne.
Important: Due to the nature of radio waves, when flying just 0.5m above the water, range will be significantly reduced and floating on the water surface (with antennas up), the transmission range is max 100m.

When the drone turns upside down on the water for any reasons, Power-Flip feature turns the drone back to the normal state to take the control back. Dynamic Return to pilot
The SplashDrone 4 constantly records the GPS position of the remote controller, allowing the aircraft to always return to your position even if they are on a moving boat far away from the original take-off point.

Boat Mode
Equipped with floating foams (not included), boat mode allows SplashDrone 4 to sail on water just like a boat, providing great underwater shots whilst remains the water area uninterrupted. Caves and other overhead environments can now be accessed by SplashDrone 4 for research, exploration and underwater photography.

Unrivalled-performance Propulsion System
The more powerful 740Kv motor, 40A ESC together with optimised aerodynamic design allow for tight, responsive and total control of SplashDrone 4 in any challenging weather conditions.

Smart Battery
The new slide-in smart battery has an internal battery management system for real-time power monitoring and protection both in charging and discharging, ensuring battery health, safety and longer lifespan. The 6600mAh high-performance lithium technology cells provide up to 30 minutes of flight time.

The SwellPro SDFLY APP
The newly-developed SwellPro Navifly APP enables logging, planning, recording of missions as well as the control and parameter setting of cameras and other modules in flight.

SplashDrone 4 offers API for third-party software to gather data from sensors and to configure its control of aircraft, gimbal, camera and third-party add-ons.

SDK allows deep integration of third-party add-ons to SplashDrone 4. Together with API, SplashDrone 4 is truly a multi-purpose and multi-functional platform for your imagination.

FAC Fixed Axis camera
he FAC camera is a fixed angle waterproof full HD camera designed for SplashDrone 4 to maintain the vision in flight while also features photo shooting & full HD video recording capability.

Specifications of the camera include:
1/2.7″ 2M SONY CMOS | MP4 / MOV.
Micro SD CARDS with a maximum capacity of 128GB
Lens: F2.2mm f/5.06, FOV: 130°
Burst Photo: 3/5/10 pcs
Video Resolution: FHD:1920*1080 30/60p,HD:1280*720 120/60p
Max Video Stream: 30 Mbps

Water-resistant Payload Release (PL-1)
The PL-1 payload release turns the SplashDrone 4 into an aerial bait dropping system that can deliver 2kg of bait and drop the bait at targeted locations. The PL-1 mounted along with the FAC camera system.

Please ONLY refer to the support section of this website for all product & user manual information regarding this product.  Models found elsewhere may differ in features & specifications.


*This is a refurbished drone which has been serviced and flight tested & flies like new.  It is generally in excellent condition and includes charger, propellers, battery, remote control.  Also comes with a warranty.  Note that the warranty on ex demo or refurbished models (6 month warranty) only cover repair of the drone (not refund or replacement)*

*Warranty Information can be found HERE

*Product Manuals can be found HERE


Weight 12 kg

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  1. Gale Smith

    Happy with the product and also great response from this retailer

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  2. John Davies

    Came in very good condition, looks like new. Looking forward to getting out and using it this Spring

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