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This is a battery checker which lets you quickly check the charge level of your battery, along with a breakdown of charge in individual cells

This device will know every battery you connect to it , it shows kind of battery ( LiPo , LiFe , NimH , Nicd) and give you information about the charging status of every single cell ( LiPo LiFe)in the pack .
It shows voltage and capacity of each batterypack and even each single cell ( LiPo, LiFe). It works from LIXX 2-7 cells ( 7,4-26V LiPo and LiFe) and 4 – 7 cells

NiCd and NiMH to check a receiver battery).

Digital lithium battery capacity checker with advanced monitoring features and integrated balancer.

A must for any tool box to keep a ensure optimal battery condition.



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