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We have a big range Swellpro Batteries, Chargers, and Thermal Cases for all Swellpro and Splashdrone products. We generally carry good stocks of batteries so we can fulfil your order quickly.

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Tips & Reviews

Power Egg X Fishing model – product review

Easy & Fun to fly The Power Egg X Fishing model is probably one of the most fun drones to fly. We have been flying this drone now for some time and have really enjoyed the flight experience. One thing we find is that this drone gives you a great

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Can I go fishing with my DJI Mavic or Phantom Drone?

The short answer to this question is YES! In fact the DJI Phantom has been a very popular drone model for fishing for many years, from the Phantom 2 right through to the Phantom 4 models. These drones have generally proven themselves to be a reliable asset for many beach

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