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Poseidon II PRO Black Fishing Drone with Camera

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The Poseidon II Pro Black is built for fishing – Ready when you are to get into those fish!

The Poseidon delivers your baits and long lines over 1km, can fly in 18+ knots winds and can lift upto 2.5kg.
The Poseidon II Pro Black Drone is easy to use, and you can either fly it manually with the remote control and drone or with the smart phone app to give you many more advanced features.

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The Poseidon II Pro Black Fishing Drone

Features including:

  • Built-in Drone Camera with Single Axis Gimbal (tiltable), providing live video feed back to your phone.
  • Upto 2.5KG Payload Lift Capability
  • Easy use Mobile phone APP of any drone on the market (for both Apple & Android phones)
  • IDF9 Advanced Flight Control System for more performance & stability
  • AUTO FISH Feature, allowing you to set where you want to fish using the APP & the Drone will Auto Fly to the location.
  • Mat Black finish

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Made for New Zealand Fishermen

The Poseidon II Pro BLACK is designed to handle the tough New Zealand Marine Environment with an IPX5 Saltwater Resistance Rating

The Poseidon is one of the most advanced fishing drones on the market for the price and is built to be used by everyday fisherman!

Drone Camera with Gimbal for Camera angle control
The V2 Black comes with a Camera with Single Axis Gimbal which enhances water visibility making it even easier to spot Fish Activity, Surf Lines, Channels and Reef.

The V2 Black has an updated water resistant bait release module with a carrying capacity of over 2kg. This updated design enables reliable and smooth deployment of baits time and time again.

Safe and More enjoyable flights
The Poseidon II Pro Black has a standard high-capacity, 22.2v high-performance 7300 mAh 6S LiPo battery that provides an unloaded flight time of upto 30 minutes and a recharge time of as little as two hours.

The V2 also has additional safety features including Out of range Auto Return home, and low battery Auto Payload release.

High Level Dust/Water resistance Rating
Poseidon II Pro Black has been engineered to a very high IP65 Dust and Water resistance rating, and is made to handle New Zealand’s Saltwater environment.

High Rated Wind Capability
The size and power of Poseidon II enables greater wind tolerance up to 20 knots which is particularly important around New Zealand’s tough marine environment.

Real Time HD Video Streaming
Poseidon II Pro Black comes with a camera and delivers real time digital transmission back to the remote control via your phone.

Long Flight And Fast Battery Recharge
Poseidon II Pro Black is equipped with a High-capacity, 22.2v high-performance 7300 mAh 6S LiPo battery that provides an unloaded flight time of upto 30 minutes

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Excellent Impact Resistance
Poseidon II Pro Black is built with engineered PP plastic that is malleable and absorbs shocks rather than cracking.

Powerful Drive System
Poseidon II Pro Black power system comprises of 4 x 4008 high thrust water resistant brushless motors, 1355 carbon fibre self-locking propellers and 40A ESC ‘Electronic speed controllers’.

Large Load Carrying Capacity
The brute power and strength of the Poseidon II Pro Black provides an extremely stable flight experience with a very high load carrying capacity for it’s size of upto 2.5kg

Auto Cast / Auto Fish Feature
The Poseidon II Pro Black will fly itself to the destination , drop its payload and auto return home, providing an autonomous drone fishing experience!

Complete App Control for both Apple and Android Phones
The APP is Smooth & reliable and is made to work on APPLE and ANDROID Phones

The APP is easy to use and intuitive and can provide the operator with vital data including distance, height, speed, battery power, and GPS satellites, and a clear Live View from the Drone or Onscreen MAP.

The APP is freely downloadable from Apple IOS APP Store and the Google PLAY Store

Reliable Mechanical Release System
The Mechanical release allows you to quickly & effortlessly release your bait

The Unique Mechanical Line Release system on the Poseidon II PRO BLACK has been designed and engineered for reliable and safe bait releases every time.

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Rugged & Designed for New Zealand’s Saltwater environment
Nano Water resistance Treatment: The Brushless motors of Poseidon II Pro BLACK Fishing Drone are treated with special Nano water resistance treatment, so that the drone can be flown around saltwater environments in prolonged use. This weather resistant design also allows the Poseidon to fly in heavy rain

High-end Light Anti-corrosion Material: The fuselage material of the Poseidon II Pro BLACK is made from a high-end, light & anti-corrosion material, which translates to lightweight, high strength and no deformation.

The remote controller (although not water resistant or splash proof) has rubber shielding around the Joysticks for greater protection from sand ingress


What comes in the Box?

  • Poseidon II Pro Black Drone with Camera and Mechanical Release
  • Battery Charger & One Drone Battery
  • Full Set of four Twin-blade Propellers
  • Remote Control
  • Product Manual & Accessory Cables
  • Landing Gear
  • All enclosed in a compact and impact resistant Case..

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  • Water Resistance – IPX5 Saltwater & Weather Resistant
  • Drone Control distance – upto 1.3km
  • Diagonal size (without propeller) – 480mm
  • Propeller blade size – 13 Inch Carbon Fibre
  • Maximum horizontal flight speed – 18m/s
  • Satellite positioning module – UBX-M8030-KT GPS / GLONASS receiver
  • Safe Wind Speed max – 20 knots
  • Maximum Payload Weight – 2.5KG
  • Maximum Flight time (No load) – 30min
  • Maximum Flight time (Load 1kg) – 22min
  • Maximum Flight time (Load 2.5kg) – 9.5min
  • Flight Control System – IDF-9

* Please note that the phone depicted in some of the images does not come with the drone.



– Please ensure you ONLY use the correct & original charger to charge this battery

– Please NEVER leave your battery unattended while it is charging, as there could be a fire risk.  Do not leave charging overnight.

– Please ensure you charge your battery in an open & well ventilated area that is away from any flammable material.  It is also recommended that you charge & store your battery in a fire-proof bag or container (purchased separately).

– Always make sure you have the correct charging settings for the battery you are charging

– Never use or charge a battery that has become swollen OR has any physical damage. Please dispose of immediately.




**It is recommended that you also read this article on LiPo and LiHV Batteries and their care and maintenance. the link is HERE 

**Also please read the Returns and Warranty Information regarding batteries HERE

Weight 12 kg

2 reviews for Poseidon II PRO Black Fishing Drone with Camera

  1. Jong-dae Park

    Flies good and reliable. Carries good weight.

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  2. Chris Matheson

    Have flown the Poseidon a number of times now and is really stable. Lifts my baits very easily even in the wind.

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