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PowerVision’s PowerEgg X Fishing model  is one of the most technically advanced fishing drones that is capable of handling the wind, rain and water thanks to its water resistant housing.  With the aid of the included floats, the drone will even float on the water!

Built to handle New Zealand’s tough marine environment it will carry good fishing bait payload weight. so will handle more than one bait at a time.

The PowerEgg X Fishing model also comes with a 3-axis AI 4K camera that can record in upto 60fps, making it an ideal camera drone for recording footage over and around the ocean.

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The PowerEgg X Fishing Model: a water resistant fishing drone which can even float!

Rugged & Water resistant design

The PowerEgg X Fishing model comes with a water resistant housing and water-landing floats. The housing helps to ensure the PowerEgg X Fishing model much safer when flying in the rain or near bodies of water. The floats take it a step further, letting you land and take off from calm water. The drone can also withstand winds up to 39 km/h*.

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A great and fun way to catch fish!

The PowerEgg X Fishing model makes it easy and fun way for the whole family to catch more fish!  Designed to be one of the easiest drones to use – it’s not difficult for even a novice to learn to use quickly.  Check out the results!

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Easy Release Fishing System

The PowerEgg X Fishing model has a no hassle and no fuss fishing release system that lets you release your baits at any fishing spot that you desire, quickly and easily.  The Power Egg X is designed to carry a surf casting bait beyond the breakers.

Water resistant Protective housing

The PowerEgg X Fishing model comes with a full water resistant transparent Shell that fits snuggly around the entire drone body and not only protects the drone from sand and harsh beach conditions, but also resists water entry**


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The  Power Egg X Fishing model is an AI-enhanced camera and rugged all-weather fishing drone, all packed into a sleek, egg-shaped body. As a drone, you can utilise the included water resistant housing to film in the rain or near water. Included floats even let you take off from and land on the water. As a handheld camera, you can take it almost anywhere to capture exactly the footage you need. All modes utilise the PowerEgg X Fishing model’s 3-axis 4K60 stabilising gimbal, and in handheld/drone modes, you can even record audio to sync with your footage in real time.

Key Specifications:

Comes with Water resistant housing and two floats

Maximum Flight Time:  30 Minutes

Maximum Wind Resistance:  39 km/h*

Maximum Payload Capacity:  250 grams**

Maximum Operating Range:  6 KM

Fishing Release System: Tension release

Camera:  4K upto 60fps, with 3 Axis Gimbal, 12 Megapixel still photos

Maximum Horizontal Speed: 64.4 km/h*

Connectivity via the APP with Apple IOS, and Android Phones using the included Cables

*Note: As tested without floats and water resistant enclosure attached, **Note: payload tested without floats attached, don’t use the floats while fishing.


Additional Advanced Features

(note some of these features only work when the floats and water resistant enclosure are not attached)

AI Camera Mode

When set up as a stationary camera, the PowerEgg X can utilise PowerVision’s multi-angle facial recognition and deep learning technologies to automatically create a professional-style composition. With its 170° field of view, the 3-axis 4K60 gimbal can track a subject and always keep it in the centre of the action. It can even remember a subject if they leave and come back into frame. The PowerEgg X’s tracking is designed to work indoors or outside with slow or fast-moving subjects.

Drone Mode

Attach the included arms and propellers to transform the PowerEgg X into a drone that can capture 4K60 aerial footage, even in harsh winds up to 39 km/h. The included remote controller works with smartphones up to 7.62 cm wide and 8.13 mm thick, letting you view a real-time 1080p video stream from up to 5.95 km away. The drone also features automatic obstacle avoidance via front and bottom sensors. It can detect obstacles from up to 20 m away, which can protect the drone, bystanders, and allow the PowerEgg X to land with precision accuracy. On a full battery charge, the PowerEgg X can fly for up to 30 minutes.

SyncVoice for Real-Time Audio Recording

PowerVision’s SyncVoice lets you add sound to your drone footage in real time. Say goodbye to silent aerial footage as you narrate the action through your smartphone or an optional pair of wireless headphones. SyncVoice automatically synchronises the audio with the captured footage. You can also use SyncVoice when using the PowerEgg X in AI camera or handheld modes.

Handheld Mode

The included wrist strap lets you use the PowerEgg X like a portable handheld camcorder. The 3-axis gimbal features mechanical stabilisation to help make sure that your final footage is shake-free.

Gesture Commands

The PowerEgg X features a database of gestures that can be used for taking photos, group photos, videos, subject tracking, and more.

Long Camera Battery Life

When using the PowerEgg X as an AI-enhanced or handheld camera, you can enjoy up to 3.5 hours of battery life on a full charge.

*  Note that the phone that is depicted in some of the images does not come with the package

**Note that even though this drone is water and rain resistant to IPX4 level (when the housing is attached correctly), this drone is not submersible and should ONLY  be landed in calm water and it is important to ensure that the floats are correctly attached.  The drone should not be flipped upside down in the water while floating, as this is likely to damage the drone.



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