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Spare Drone Battery to fit the Rippton Shark X Fishing Drone (new version of Battery – please read the notes regarding Drone Firmware updates)

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Replacement Battery to suit the Rippton Shark X Drone – Original Manufacturer

Product Information

Nominal Capacity: 6000mAh
Voltage: 22.2V
Type: 6S LiPo
Product Dimensions: 130*58*43mm
New Weight: 760g
Working Temperature: 0℃~45℃
Storage Temperature:
around 21℃ (more than a week)

Please note that this is a new version of the Rippton Shark X Battery & Drone Firmware should be updated prior to using this battery.

If this new batteries are run in existing model Shark X drones without upgrading the firmware, the drone will still work. However, it may trigger the Return to Home (RTH) function a bit slower, which could lead to a crash due to differences in flight environments. Therefore, we advise that you perform a firmware update on the old drones if run new battery. This update will improve power-on self-test (POST) errors.


Instructions on firmware upgrade as below

  1. Download and install the Ground Station on your PC or laptop. You can find it on thisGoogle Drive Link under the file named “Rippton GCS 2020.1”.
  2. Keep the attached file in the link on your computer as well, .
  3. To learn how to upgrade the firmware, please watch the attached videos on this link, which provide detailed instructions.



– Please ensure you ONLY use the correct & original charger to charge this battery

– Please NEVER leave your battery unattended while it is charging, as there could be a fire risk.  Do not leave charging overnight.

– Please ensure you charge your battery in an open & well ventilated area that is away from any flammable material.  It is also recommended that you charge & store your battery in a fire-proof bag or container (purchased separately).

– Always make sure you have the correct charging settings for the battery you are charging

– Never use or charge a battery that has become swollen OR has any physical damage. Please dispose of immediately.




**It is recommended that you also read this article on LiPo and LiHV Batteries and their care and maintenance. the link is HERE 

**Also please read the Returns and Warranty Information regarding batteries HERE

Weight 2 kg


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