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Simply connect this Stick to the XT60 Connector (discharge plug) on your battery when the battery is fully charged and the Safe Discharge Stick will quietly and conveniently discharge your battery to where it is safe to be stored.

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Auto Discharge your FD1 Drone Battery to safe storage levels while not in use.

PLEASE NOTE: This discharge stick is made to fit the older XT60 Style Battery connector.  An additional adapter cable can be purchased to enable the discharge stick to connect to the NEW LARGER XT90 Style battery. For example Shark X, Cuta Copter, Gannet, New model Swellpro FD1, Poseidon  HERE IS A LINK TO THE ADAPTER CABLE

Intelligently Discharging LiPo Battery to Storage Voltage

Never keep your battery at the full voltage for more than a couple of days, considering the safety issue and battery life. The Safe Battery Discharge Stick is a great solution to discharge and maintain your lipo batteries. With the advanced algorithm and built-in temperature sensor, The Safe Battery Discharge Stick lipo battery discharger can intelligently adjust the discharge speed according to the battery voltage and unit temperature. It ensures the highest discharge rate in an appropriate temperature range.

Heatsink to Cool Down the Discharger

In addition to the built-in temperature sensor to control the unit temp, the heatsink would effectively dissipate the heat to prevent the discharger from overheating.

Automatically Identity 2S to 6S Batteries

The Safe Battery Discharge Stick can be compatible with 2S to 6S batteries. When plug in, The Safe Battery Discharge Stick recognises the battery type automatically, no need to do any extra setting to select different battery types, so simple and convenient.

Easy-to-use, Plug-in and let it do the work

The Safe Battery Discharge Stick will stop discharging when your battery reaches storage voltage and then goes into an ultra-low leakage current so the unit can be left without over-discharging the battery. Just plug in and let it do the work.


Working Voltage   7.9 – 26V (2S-6S)

Discharging Power   1W

Turn-off Current   < 10uA

Storage Voltage   3.85V±0.08V / cell

Connector   XT60 (Male)

Weight   8g

Please make sure that the safe battery discharge stick and battery are placed in an open and well aired environment away in a non-flammable environment while discharging, due to the Heastsink which generates some heat while the battery discharges.

Size (L x W x H)   37 x 16 x 10 mm(XT60)




– Please ensure you ONLY use the correct & original charger to charge this battery

– Please NEVER leave your battery unattended while it is charging, as there could be a fire risk.  Do not leave charging overnight.

– Please ensure you charge your battery in an open & well ventilated area that is away from any flammable material.  It is also recommended that you charge & store your battery in a fire-proof bag or container (purchased separately).

– Always make sure you have the correct charging settings for the battery you are charging

– Never use or charge a battery that has become swollen OR has any physical damage. Please dispose of immediately.




**It is recommended that you also read this article on LiPo and LiHV Batteries and their care and maintenance. the link is HERE 

**Also please read the Returns and Warranty Information regarding batteries HERE

Weight 1 kg


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