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Power Egg X Fishing model – product review

Easy & Fun to fly

The Power Egg X Fishing model is probably one of the most fun drones to fly. We have been flying this drone now for some time and have really enjoyed the flight experience. One thing we find is that this drone gives you a great deal of confidence when flying, something that not all drones will do.

knockout 65 edited
The Power Egg X Fishing model in it’s naked state, without it’s protective housing

Also worth mentioning that the APP and software setup on the Power Egg X Fishing Pro is very intuitive and easy to follow, even for a novice drone flyer. It literally tells you what to do step by step on your phone, much more than any other fishing or marine drone that we have flown.

Water resistant housing – just like a Go Pro!

One of the biggest differences with the Power Egg X Fishing model is that Fishing Pro actually comes with a water resistant housing, which is a very similar idea to what Go Pro did with it’s clear housings that protected the Go Pro models. This enables the Fishing model to do what many other drones can’t do and thats take sand, saltwater and other harsh New Zealand marine elements, much more than any DJI Phantom or Mavic ever could.

power egg x with snapper on grass

Both a fishing drone & a camera drone in one!

Now you can get stunning aerial photos and videos around the water and also use the drone to catch you a feed of fish!

The water resistant housing keeps salt spray and sand away from the important electronics of the drone

The other thing that Powervision has done with the Fishing model, is provide two floatation devices for each side, much like what we have seen with the Swellpro Fisherman Max model. This is great because it actually keeps the drone body itself clear of the water surface which just adds an extra level of protection from water ingress.

Bait Release

The all-important bait release system on the Power Egg X is by way of an attachment that is under the drone and is tension controlled. This means as the drone flies over your fishing spot you simply lock the fishing reel, and the drone releases your bait – nothing simpler than that! The drone itself is not designed to lift lots of baits – it’s more about getting that single surfcasting bait out to where the fish are biting.

You simply clip your nylon/monofilament loop into the clip, and send the drone on its way. The line on your fishing reel will spool out and when you get to your desired location you simply lock the reel and the line will release – there is nothing easier than this.

Amazing Aerial Photos and Videos from the Power Egg X

Power Egg X Fishing Pro West Coast Glinks 1
Actual shot from the Power Egg X Fishing model – looking south, West Coast, NZ

The Power Egg X Fishing model is also a very capable camera drone and can record in 4K and also a very fast 60 fps, and has a 3 Axis gimbal meaning that you are going to get very smooth video from this drone. This means you are simply able to get great shots of the stunning New Zealand coastline (as above) or alternatively the ocean (as seen below) which can really help in pin-pointing areas to fish, or bird & fish activity which can be the difference between coming home with a great catch, or coming home empty handed! The image below clearly shows you what the Power Egg X Fishing model is capable of capturing!

power egg x Fishing Pro drone imagery
Check out this amazing detail of reef structure from the camera of the Power Egg X Fishing Pro

The Power Egg X packs down into a handy carry case

The Power Egg X Fishing model comes with a very portable and handy Solid carry case which will lets you pack down the drone into a very small size for transportation, the case is only 26cm wide and 29cm high (excluding floats and housing).

power egg x fishing pro case 2

If you are interested in seeing a full video review of how the Power Egg X stands up to water sports and strong wind, click the below:

Here at Drone Fishing NZ we sell the Power Egg X Fishing model, so If you want to learn more about the Power Egg X Fishing Pro or to purchase one from us, please CLICK HERE

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