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Introducing  the Swellpro Splash Drone 4 , the multifunction water resistant UAV platform. Splash Drone 4 is a 5th generation marinised drone representing 7 years of knowledge and understanding of drone water resistance technology. Splash Drone 4 is the all-new flight and floating platform designed for multipurpose operation in many harsh environments.

This package comes both with a Thermal Camera which provides the ability to sense heat signatures with a high resolution thermal camera, a low light camera, and infrared camera all in the one system along with a Payload release system for Fishing, Commercial use and and variety of Government applications.

More stock arriving 22nd of May!Available on back-order

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SplashDrone 4 with PL1 Fishing Release and GC3-T Thermal Camera

Multi-function water resistant flight platform

SplashDrone 4 is the 5th generation water resistant drone representing SwellPro’s 7 years of knowledge and understanding of marine drone technology. SplashDrone 4 is the all-new flight platform designed for multipurpose operation in any harsh environment (marine or otherwise)

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Perfect for Farming, Commercial/Industrial, Hunting, Pest Control, Government and more.

This SD4 Package comes with Swellpro’s waterproof 3 axis thermal camera (IP67 rated) combines both a high resolution thermal infrared camera and a full HD low-light camera with a dimmable LED flashlight, which can provide both infrared and visible light imaging simultaneously.

Designed to fit quickly and easily to the Splashdrone 4.

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Use the thermal imaging to identify objects of interest, then quickly switch to the low-light mode to better identify the object with more detail. The integration of the GC3-T with the SD4 empowers lots of industries to accomplish their missions smarter and faster with far less risk and cost.

The aerial thermal imaging can help firefighters see through smoke and farmers monitor crop health from above, or to assist in search and rescue operations.

More detailed Specitications on the thermal camera can be found HERE


For Fishing

This SD4 Package also comes with a PL1-S Waterproof Payload Release system – the gold standard in fishing release systems.

The PL-1 payload release turns the SplashDrone 4 into an aerial bait dropping system that can deliver upto 2KG of bait and drop the bait at targeted locations up to 4km. The PL-1 can be mounted together with your choice of camera accessories for targeted payload release.Using the SwellPro SDFLY APP, you can program the bait drop or replay flights to successful fishing locations.


A new benchmark for water resistant drones

splashdrone4 drone fishing

Versatile Payload Options – a variety of of sensors and payloads are available

With its modular multifunction payload system and open interface design, the SplashDrone 4 can quickly adapt to different tasks in the field by accepting a variety of payload options and sensors.


IP65 Saltwater resistant and ruggedised drone body

SplashDrone 4 is designed to have the best water resistance technology in the industry. The tough, rigid fuselage of is made out of industrial-grade ABS. Each SplashDrone 4 is factory-sealed.  The water resistant motors and internal electronics are also coated with corrosion-resistant coating adding an extra layer of protection over the already water resistant design.

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Innovative Smooth+ Flight Control – for precise and accurate drone control

The patented “Smooth+” flight control allows the pilot to finely tune the Roll and Yaw of SplashDrone 4 Smooth+ makes professional, steady flight control as easy as turning the knobs.Want to take a steady shot? Simply switch to Smooth+ control, together with our 4K 3-axis gimbal,you can take high-quality, ultra-smooth & steady shots effortlessly.

drone control

Upto 5KM Image Transmission

The latest 5.8GHz digital image transmitter and adjustable antennas ensures a clear and reliable image and control signal range to the SplashDrone 4 of over 5km while airborne.

5KM Image Transmission

Important: Due to the nature of radio waves, when flying just 0.5m above the water,range is still up to 2.8km and floating on the water surface the transmission range is 500m

All-new IP64 Water resistant Remote Controller

The all-new SplashDrone 4 remote controller is now Splash Resistant for your worry-free operation. The built-in GPS offers a variety of new features, including real-time tracking and dynamic return to pilot. The remote controller is now capable of offering multiple devices connection for a better collaborative operation.

waterproof drone
drone australia


When the drone turns upside down on the water for any reasons, Power-Flip feature turns the drone back to the normal state to take the control back

splash drone

Dynamic Return to pilot

The SplashDrone 4 constantly records the GPS position of the remote controller,allowing the aircraft to always return to the pilot‘s position even if they are on a moving boat far away from the original take-off point.

auto pilot drone


Boat Mode

When equipped with optional floats, the boat mode allows SplashDrone 4 to power on water providing great underwater shots while unterupting the water surface for certain applicaitons .  With Boat Mode, the SplashDrone 4 and it’s variety of sensors can now access a number of challenging marine environments for research, exploration, and underwater photography.

Boat Mode drone

Unrivalled performance due to the SD4 propulsion system

The more powerful 740Kv Motor, 40A ESC together with optimized aerodynamic design allow for tight,responsive, and total control of SplashDrone 4 in any challenging weather conditions.  this also enables the Splashdrone 4 to lift payloads of upto 2KG, and fly in challenging weather conditions where other drones would simply fail.


Smart Battery

The new slide-in smart battery has an internal battery management system for real-time power monitoring and protection both in charging and discharging, ensuring battery health,safety and longer lifespan. The 6600mAh high-performance lithium technology cells provide up to 30 minutes of flight time.

drone battery

The SwellPro SDFLY APP provides a myriad of advanced features

The newly-developed SwellPro SDFLY APP enables logging, planning, recording of missions as well as the control and parameter setting of cameras and other modules in flight.

SwellPro Navifly APP

Advanced Flight Modes utilising the SDFLY APP can be accessed quickly and easily

drone australia
Intelligent Follow me

Actively track the position of the pilot at a constant angle from the front, side, and back with the camera always pointing to the subject.

Intelligent Follow me
Orbit Follow

Automatically follow and orbit around a moving object at a chosen radius.

Cruise mode
Cruise mode

Automatically fly at a designated speed and direction.

drone tap to fly
Tap to fly

Autonomously fly to a selected location on the map at a predetermined altitude and speed, and hover awaiting further commands.

Waypoint mission planning
Waypoint mission planning

Preplan a mission by selecting a series of waypoints on the map with adjustable speed, height, hover time and camera angle at each point.

Grid mission planning
Grid based mission planning

Connect up to 256 waypoints to form a mission area planning and the drone will follow an uniform grid pattern flight path at the selected speed and interval.


SplashDrone 4 offers API for third-party software to gather data from sensors and to configure its control of aircraft,gimbal, camera, and third-party add-ons.



SDK allows deep integration of third-party add-ons to SplashDrone 4.Together with API, SplashDrone 4 is truly a multi-purpose & multi-functional platform for your imagination.

splash drone 4
Weight 12 kg

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